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On-shore Wind Power Project Finance Model Ver. 3 – in USD and PHP Currency


This project finance model will determine its economic viability by calculating the feed-in-tariff (or first year tariff), equity and project returns (IRR, NPV, PAYBACK), debt service coverage ratio (DSCR – min, ave, max), levelized cost of energy (LCOE) also known as long run marginal cost (LRMC) and short run marginal cost (SRMC).

The above results will be used in preparing the analysis of various alternatives (technology selection, configuration optimization) needed in making the Feasibility Studies.


Product Description

On-shore Wind Power Project Finance Model Ver. 3 – in USD and PHP Currency

Off-shore Wind Power can now be modeled easily using the advanced regulator template that is easy to use and understand.

The model has built-in data on annual wind velocity profile of a location and together with the wind turbine power curves (kW output vs. wind velocity) from 81 turbine models of various manufacturers, the hourly generation is predicted from the mean speed, and positive and negative deviation, multiplied by the random fraction:

X = Xave + Xpos * rand() – Xneg * rand()

From the hourly generation, the annual generation is computed to arrive at the annual average capacity factor.

Alternatively, you may have an actual wind speed monitoring system in place to arrive at the annual generation and average capacity factor.

The models also include financial ratios to identify potential risks during the project development stage, such as:

a) Liquidity Ratios (current ratio, quick ratio)

b) Solvency Ratios (debt to equity ratio, equity ratio, debt ratio)

c) Efficiency Ratios (asset turnover ratio, inventory turnover ratio)

d) Profitability Ratios (gross margin ratio, EBITDA margin ratio, return on assets ratio, net profit to assets ratio, return on owners’ equity, return on capital employed ratio)

e) Market Prospect Ratios (earnings per share, price earnings ratio, dividend payout ratio, dividend yield ratio)

Automate your financial modeling and preparation of feasibility studies using this template written in Excel and available in both US DOLLAR (USD) and PHILIPPINE PESO (PHP) currencies.

You can order and purchase the two model currencies for the cost of USD1,400 only (buy one take one at 50% discount).

If you need another currency other than the USD and PHP, inform me via email so that I can provide you with the desired currency, e.g. EUROPEAN UNION EURO (EUR) and GREAT BRITAIN POUND (GBP). Almost all of the world’s currencies can be modeled as long as you know the exchange rate to a US DOLLAR.

You may download the demo (locked) version to try and familiarize yourself with the template models (go to home page blogs and see the various demo models), and if you are satisfied, you may order and pay via PayPal or email me to order the model and country currency you wish to have, then remit payment to my BPI current account:

1) Name of Bank Branch & Address:

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

Pasig Ortigas Branch

G/F Benpres Building, Exchange Road corner Meralco Avenue

Ortigas Center, PASIG CITY 1605


2) Account Name:

Marcial T. Ocampo

3) Account Number:

Current Account = 0205-5062-41


Once I received confirmation from PayPal or BPI that payment has been received, I will immediately email you the actual (unlocked) model.


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