About Energy Data Expert

About Energy Data Expert

Your energy data expert is also an energy technology selection expert.

He has a degree in Master of Science in Combustion and Energy from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom, as well as a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of the Philippines.

He is a highly experience Power & Energy Consultant and has a long history of providing services in the following areas:


Supply/Demand/Price Forecasting with Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS)

Deterministic and Stochastic Project Finance Modeling with MCS

Integrated Wind Speed, Power Curves, Capacity Factor and Project Finance with MCS

Conventional and Renewable Energy Statistics (historical, forecast)

Renewable and Conventional Energy Supply/Demand and Tariff Studies

Renewable Energy Resource Assessment (wind, solar, mini-hydro)

Clean Coal and Conventional Coal Project Finance and Feasibility Studies

Petroleum Supply/Demand and Pump Price Studies

LNG Market Study and Fuel Substitution Studies

Biomass Power Barrier Removal

Mini-hydro Power Design, Costing, Modeling and Feasibility Studies

Tri-Generation (Power, Heat, Cooling) Optimization & Financial Modeling

Mid-Term and Final Term Review of UNDP and ADB Projects

Energy & Business Development

Oil, Energy & Electricity Pricing

Feed-In Tariff Calculation for Renewable Energy/Electricity

Refinery, Utilities, Distribution & Transportation Optimization

Refinery & Petrochem Process Modeling & Optimization

Optimal Power & Load Dispatch

Project Finance, Power Plant Modeling & Financial Modeling

Market, Technical & Economic Feasibility Studies

Dam Simulation Modeling & Studies