Indonesia bans all coal exports to the Philippines due to recurring Abu Sayaff piracy off Sulu Sea

With Indonesia cutting off 70% of our coal supplies for the coal-fired CFB power plants in the country, this will worsen with the Digong presumptive appointee to DENR Gina Lopez who has declared war on mining.

God save the country from 10-12 hours of rotating brownouts courtesy of “environmental experts” who only know the negative side of any technology. In the real modern world, there is also “sustainable and responsible experts” who can propose mitigation measures. All human activity have negative impact on the environment, and if you want to maintain the pristine conditions before the turn of the century, then don’t develop at all and remain poor agriculturally. But you can also develop in a sustainable and responsible manner by applying world class practices and technology that are free from prejudiced views. The saddest part of this developing story from Indonesia who thinks that the Philippines is incapable of solving at all this Abu Sayaff piracy because of Philippine military inadequacy, is that Mindanao where Digong comes from will be hardest hit by any coal supply disruption because its base load plants are coal-fired in order to be cheap as much as possible when the dams dry up due to lack of rainfall. Right now, the recently inaugurated coal-fired plants are propping up the Mindanao power supply when the older plants conked out due to technical defects and maintenance issues.

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