Welcome to Energy Data Expert!


Welcome to Energy Data Expert!

Your energy technology selection expert has written and developed a number of energy and power generation technology articles and supplemented them with easy-to-use and state-of-the-art project finance models for renewable, conventional, fossil, nuclear, hybrid and energy storage power generation technologies.

The energy and power generation technologies are available in power point format so that when you order them, you can download the article and edit the file to make your own presentation.

The articles will provide you leads to enhance further your knowledge by way of more internet search keys to arrive at more articles to improve the quality and coverage of your research paper.

Using a single template, various project finance models were developed and is now available to all interested users at a reasonable license fee so that project developers can compare the economics of various power generation technologies or optimize the configuration of a technology, and thus help the developer prepare a comprehensive feasibility study.

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